(1) I announce here my parallel project, which I have called monstrandum, available on my website at https://www.monstrandum.com. Why did I choose this name? You will find out for yourself, reading the introduction.
(2) More specifically, it is a
(con)fusion of mathematics and art, with some watercolors of my production that pigment a selection of my equations, according to the reasoned instinct of my left hand. (The brush that I hold in my hand draws what my ideas suggest from time to time). As for the equations, they have had the privilege of being reproduced on a 100% cotton paper (grain fin cold pressed, 300 g/m², 140 lb), and on other costly papers obtained from the cotton Gossypium plant. The reproduction method of my formulæ is semi-artisanal, which goes by the name of Bob-xerox, through two elements: aluminum and selenium (further particulars are mentioned on the website).
(3) The colors I used are natural pigments,
pollen (apical flower-stigmas) and mineral powders (crystalline structures reduced to dust).
(4) My mathematico-artistic works can be bought
without or with framing + passepartout.
(5) For those who do not intend to buy the original math-artwork on cotton paper, but only one or more photographs, and therefore for those who are interested exclusively in the
digital format, yes, there is that possibility. In my hard disk drive are stored Canon RAW images, c’est-à-dire high resolution pics (.tiff format), ready for any type of printing, which reach 300 DPI in pixels/inch.

Notate bene.
On the aforementioned website, you will find the necessary explanations, with the usual caustic invective, which constitutes the radiance of my corrosive character. I have the bad, but very enjoyable, habit of writing what I think. I feel an ineffable enjoyment in liquefying, with magmatic sarcasm, every distortion of the so-called global village that now plagues our communitas (in)sapiens. This is also why I pride myself on being an alienus (an outlander), videlicet, I really pride myself on not being another brick that got stuck between many others, an additional building block trained in the servility of two social systems (State and market) completely out of control.
(β) My creative math-artworks can also be viewed at Bēhance’s gallery. I kindly discourage to download Bēhance’s application, for iOS or Android, because it is embarrassingly a botched software, done in a sloppy and ham-fisted way (è fatto coi piedi; ressemble à un travail bâclé, une application développée par des pauvres); and this is speaking euphemistically. Much better a Mac/PC navigation, directly from the browser. But there is more. Any social media platform will never cease to amaze me with its background asininity, in addition to its rubbishy process-architecture.

Buy Watercolors of my Mathematics · Acquerelli de Le mie Mattematiche at Monstrandum, & Other Paintings